OPM, Inc. is an international leader in supplying complex CNC machined parts and assemblies for OEM clients needing high-quality, customized solutions and products with short turn times, affordable pricing, and exemplary service. To achieve this, we carry various raw materials and semi-completed products in stock. OPM develops custom alloys and steels and machines them in our facility adhering to OEM specifications.

We have a manufacturing facility in China and offices in the U.S. state of Texas and in the Netherlands to ensure our clients can easily access our operations worldwide. Our clients in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Cyprus, Saudi, and Singapore hail us for our professional services, efficient product delivery internationally, accountability, and quality processes. Our European facility holds weekly meetings to forecast our clients’ international production to make sure that the supply chain is lean and flexible.

At OPM, we aim to be an exclusive partner for businesses’ new product lines, and we manage and take responsibility for the entirety of their supply chains, beginning with raw materials, conceptualization, and design, and progressing into machining, inspection, assembly, and delivery. Our team of expert engineers works closely with clients to select manufacturing processes that will support efficiency and reliable precision. We also provide full traceability. Each of our products has its own unique serial number in the event that clients need detailed product and staff information.

We strive to add value to our customers’ operations through:

  • Engineering support
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Value engineering and value analysis
  • Tooling, fixtures and gages, and jigs development
  • Contract Assembly Services
  • Testing and validation

If these commitments are of interest to you, consider coming to work with OPM.

We Are Looking for a Sales Engineer in the United States

OPM is recruiting for a sales engineer in the U.S. to join a team of experts that work closely with our clients from the ideation and design stages to successfully offer trusted, accurate manufacturing processes for their product lines. Potential candidates should have a background in business development, engineering, and sales. The ideal applicant would also have experience in the oil and gas, aerospace, or manufacturing industries.


Here’s why you should consider working with OPM:

You’ll be Joining the Best in the Industry

At OPM, we differentiate ourselves from competitors through our vertically integrated platform, custom material options, engineering and logistical support, and our capabilities for shorter supply chains and traceability in real-time. By joining us, you’ll be working with a company that takes its responsibility to customers seriously, from raw material production to the delivery of finished machine components and assemblies, providing service the world over at a reasonable cost.

You’ll be Directly Contributing to the Economy

The manufacturing industry is a key pillar of the national and international economies, and therefore, when you join OPM, you’ll be a direct contributor to one of the most important sectors for supporting economic health. You can be proud to work in a field that has a big impact on livelihoods, jobs, and the economy.

You’ll Advance Your Career

There are numerous opportunities for career growth when you work with OPM. We have on-site training to facilitate your career advancement. OPM wants to engage and retain high-quality team members by instilling a sense of ownership in each aspect of manufacturing.

You’ll Learn About a Variety of Manufacturing Processes

As a successful sales associate, you will become an expert on OPM’s various services and offerings, including custom alloys, material analysis, CNC and EDM machining, tube rolling and cold drawing, heat treating, inspections, and more.

Apply Now!

Working with OPM is an opportunity to be a part of an expert team committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. Contact us today for more information, or apply via our online form if you are interested in joining our staff.