OPM delivers production oilfield and down-hole drilling components for critical applications. Our products undergo a rigorous, complete (inline-)inspection plan during the stress relief and machining processes. Depending on our customer’s requirements, we also inspect the finished products thoroughly with a 100% visual and dimensional inspection process to ensure they meet the qualifications before delivery. We serialize each part with an engraving to ensure it is 100% traceable to critical production processes, raw materials, and people.

We will guide you through the process of our quality inspection service, highlighting the benefits of our process inspection, visual inspection, and dimensional inspection. You will understand why you can expect components and assemblies manufactured by OPM Manufacturing to meet your highest standards.

Process Inspection

Process inspection is critical in production as it can help to reduce the time it takes to receive feedback on quality and decrease the likelihood of incurring costs associated with poor quality. Failure to inspect goods until after production can result in entire orders being unusable with no time to reproduce the order before the expected ship date. Re-ordering the materials and manufacturing the products a second time can set back a production schedule by several months. Process inspection allows manufacturers to preemptively address quality issues at any point during the production process. It can identify errors before they result in production delays and wasted money.

A process inspection service from OPM Manufacturing identifies problems as they occur, allowing our team to trace and correct the issue and revise the inspection process to continuously improve accuracy. Our quality inspection services guarantee product quality and ensure compliance with ISO 9001 and other industry standards. Whether a process inspection is required at each production stage depends on the interval that is right for the production environment, including freeform, quantity, or time-based intervals.

Dimensional Inspection

Dimensional inspection, or metrology, evaluates a machined part or product’s geometric characteristics to ensure it complies with specified design requirements. Dimensional inspection from OPM Manufacturing can improve the product’s functionality, reliability, accuracy, and features.

Visual Inspection

Visual inspections rely on the naked eye to detect defects and ensure products meet the required specifications and the equipment properly functions. While visual inspections often occur in person, manufacturers can use digital video or images to inspect parts remotely.

Visual inspection from OPM delivers the following benefits:

  • Manufacturers can identify defects early, reducing time, costs, and product waste.
  • Early detection allows manufacturers to repair machines and equipment before more defects are caused.
  • Visual inspections ensure quality in a fast, efficient, and inexpensive way.
  • Manufacturers can reduce labor and time on repetitive visual inspection tasks with automation.

Inspection Ensures High-Quality Critical Components

Process inspection involves inspecting goods during manufacturing at different intervals, depending on the manufacturer’s specifications. It prevents defects and errors from impacting entire batches of goods and allows the discovery of issues for early correction in the manufacturing process. Process inspection includes dimensional inspections to assess geometric characteristics and visual inspections to assess products for defects.

OPM provides quality inspection services during machining and before shipment to ensure your products are of the highest quality. We engrave our parts with a serial number to ensure you can trace the part back to the production process and raw materials used. OPM is a leader in producing custom alloy and steel components for critical oilfield and down-hole drilling applications. We offer CNC machining, custom alloys, heat treating, inspection, machining, material analysis, and tube rolling.

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