OPM Inc. provides in-house custom mechanical assembly and testing services to original equipment manufacturing companies (OEMs), where quality, reliability, and traceability are critical. We build complex engineered components that meet our customers’ high standards and protect their intellectual property. OPM can guarantee that our manufactured products and assemblies meet the expectations customers have of domestic suppliers in developed countries.

Our Custom Assembly Services

With each custom assembly service, we assemble parts and components. Our team of professionals has ample experience assembling products based on each customer’s strict requirements. Additionally, we have the ability to scale up production as needed to fulfill middle- to high-volume projects and fast turnaround times.

When getting started with custom assemblies, most processes begin with custom designed workflow setup, assembly fixture, tool and gauge designing, documenting work procedures and instructions, and training. In many cases, custom assembly entails the use of manual and automated systems to optimize results.

Benefits of Our Custom Assembly Services

OPM’s ideal customer is a company that:

  • needs to reduce production costs. The cost of labor is a significant portion of the total cost.
  • has a recognized brand and reputation it cannot afford to tarnish.
  • has intellectual property it does not want a foreign company to acquire.
  • wants or needs a U.S. company to interface with technical support.
  • has limited human resources to relocate overseas.
  • has little experience working internationally in a low-cost country.
  • has limited capability and experience in setting up a foreign supply chain.

When you turn to OPM for custom assemblies, you’ll enjoy numerous advantages that set us apart from other assemblers. Our long list of benefits includes:

  • Quality Control — As an ISO 9001:2015-certified fabrication company, we meet all deadlines, assembly requirements, and quality standards.
  • Experience — As a contract manufacturer, our experts are involved in every aspect of the manufacturing process, with the ability to provide reliable value-added services. Our core capabilities are manufacturing, component assembly, and contract assembly.
  • Flexibility — Depending on the extent of your assembly project, we offer contract assembly and component assembly as well as production runs and more. We can assemble products we manufacture for you or products made by other manufacturers.
  • Professionalism — We frequently serve as representatives for our clients when interacting with their customers, so we remain consistently professional and courteous in the process.
  • Custom Material Sourcing — We directly manage our trusted raw material suppliers with long-term cooperation agreements to ensure the highest quality end products.
  • Real-Time Traceability — We also offer traceability of manufacturing data in real time to keep track of all products we supply to our customers.
  • Shortened Supply Chain — We work to understand our customers’ products to supply the most compatible solutions using a combination of efficient manufacturing, engineering, design failure mode and effect analysis (DFMEA), and shorter lead times for supply chains.
  • Logistics and Engineering Support — At the heart of every successful project is our ability to train, retain, and consistently engage top-quality employees who perform in-house services, allowing us to better control the entire manufacturing process.

Industries We Serve

OPM provides custom assembly services to customers in a variety of industries:

  • Automotive — We have worked with many automotive OEMs, so we have a deep understanding of this industry’s specific needs. Components we have made and assembled include bodies, powertrains, drivelines, and chassis.
  • Medical — OPM provides fully traceable manufacturing data and defect-free products for our customers in the medical industry, which requires strict quality control.
  • Construction — Our experts know what customers in the construction industry need, such as particular design and material sourcing requirements to minimize downtime.
  • Oil and Gas — End-users of our products include major organizations in the oil and gas industry.
  • Food and Beverage — Customers in the food and beverage processing industry turn to us for all types of food product contract packaging needs.
  • Industrial — Many industrial products benefit from our custom assemblies, including farming equipment such as tractors.

Get High-Quality Custom Assemblies From OPM

Regardless of your application, OPM Manufacturing is here to provide you with the custom assemblies you need for your products. Contact us today to learn more about our services, or request a quote to get started on your next project. You can also give us a call at 832-797-0542.